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Finger puppets

Finger puppets - the easy way! Everyone creates his own world.

With cardboard we make puppet heads and bring them to life on our fingertips.
After explaining the easy technique, we draw and paint the figures. After the break we will discover their character - how do they move, how do they speak and what do they love and hate…
They meet other new characters and little scenes evolve. Maybe props are needed?
The polished scenes can be shown to a VIP audience of friends and family members.

Age 4-8, group size: 5-10
Duration 3h
Price on application.
Rod puppets

Pierced! The simplest form to make a puppe…

We draw a figure on a theme: nature, fable, fairy tale, friends… cut it out and glue it on a piece of corrugated card board, pierce it with a stick and there we are: a playable figure!

For everyone who can handle a pencil and scissors and loves role play!
The new friend becomes alive behind the screen and we invent scenes and worlds for them.
At the end the creatures can be presented in front of an audience.

Age 3 and up
Group size: 5-10
Duration 1,5h
Price on application

Variety of puppet theatre
Variety of puppet theatre

Making and manipulation of puppets for educators/therapists
- and anyone passionate about puppet play!

. . . more info under adults

Puppet theatre in education

Puppet theatre in education

I offer for each production the possibility to prepare before and reflect after a show the theatre experience with a playful puppet workshop, in which puppets are build, used and the topic of the show is introduced and later reflected.
Information under download/puppet theatre education workshop.

I conduct workshops like this regularly since 2009 in primary schools in Luebeck for the repertory of the Figurentheater Lübeck (financed by the Michael Haukohl Foundation).


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